Thursday, July 2, 2009

Help spread the word - eBird promo materials available


We've just posted some promotional materials on the eBird site at this URL: The first powerpoint is a general eBird overview that talks about the concept of the project, shows the data entry process and a bit about data output. The second powerpoint is an overview of how to be a better eBirder, which incorporates many of the topics that we've posted about on the home page as well as in this forum.

The idea is for faithful eBird users to take these powerpoints and present them at local bird clubs, look at them with friends etc. We wanted to make these materials available so people wishing to promote eBird would have a good starting point to do so. Take a look and let us know what you think, and if you dare, try giving an eBird talk in your home range!

If you do let us know so we can keep track.


Brian, Chris and Marshall


  1. That's just what I've been looking for! I have a request from my local Audubon chapter to have a workshop on using eBird so it is very timely as well.
    Thanks a bunch.

  2. Excellent!

    Can you also set up clean downloadable eBird logos that we can use on websites and e-mail signatures?

  3. Great idea! I begin a part-time job (I'm retired) this fall at the Alabama Nature Center as a "naturalist," which means giving presentations to student groups as well as adults. This program would be well received by our "techno-savvy" high school groups as well as our teachers.